Influenza, atypical pneumonia, HRCT


On the second chest x-ray, there are new patchy areas of ground-glass of uncertain etiology. Therefore, a HRCT of the lung was performed, which shows patchy areas of ground-glass with minimal interstitial thickening - an appearance of atypical pneumonia, in this case due to influenza virus.

Tags:  Thorax  Lung
Radiology image - Normal finding, first x-ray: Thorax, Lung: X-ray - Plain radiograph

Normal finding, first x-ray

Normal finding, first x-ray: X-ray - Plain radiographInfluenza, second x-ray: X-ray - Plain radiographInfluenza, atypical pneumonia, HRCT: CT - Computed tomographyInfluenza, atypical pneumonia, HRCT: CT - Computed tomography
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