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1Bennett's fracture
1Bennett's fracture of the right hand
1Boxer's fracture
1Colles fracture
2Bimalleolar ankle fracture
1Bimalleolar ankle fracture with abruption of the posterior edge of tibia
3Depression fracture of the skull
3Fracture of the mandible
3Fracture of the left zygomatico-maxillary complex
4Fracture of dens axis
2Fracture of the mandible
2Fracture of vertebra L1
2Fracture of patella
7Fracture of the spinous process C6 - Clay shoveler's fracture
2Fracture of radial styloid process and base of fifth metacarpal bone
1Fracture of transverse process of lumbar spine
2Fracture of the left zygomaticomaxillary complex (ZMK), hemosinus
3Fracture of colum chirurgicum of humerus
3Fracture of distal metaepiphysis of the radius (Colles fracture)
1Fracture of the shaft of humerus, osteosynthesis with K wires
1Fracture of the lateral end of the collar bone (clavicle)
1Fracture of the distal phalangeal tuberosity
1Fracture of the distal phalangeal tuberosity
1Fracture of navicular bone and metatarsal bones
2Fracture of calcaneus
2Fracture of foream bones
1Fracture of middle phalanx
1Rib fracture
1Compression fracture of lumbar vertebra
3Compression fracture of lumbar vertebra
7Le Fort II, fracture of facial skeleton
9Fracture of facial skeleton, Le Fort III
1Metalosis, Bennet's fracture, repair
1Monteggia fracture
1Undisplaced fracture of calcaneus
1Fracture of the greater tronchanter
1Periprosthetic fracture of the left femur
2Pertrochanteric fracture of femur
2Intertrochanteric hip fracture, osteosynthesis, dynamic screws
1Transverse fracture of the dens axis
2Spiral subtrochanteric fracture
1Subcapital fracture of the fourth metacarpal bone
1Bimalleolar fracture with fracture of the posterior edge of tibia, after removal of compression plate
2Subcapital fracture of the left femur
2Supracondylic fracture of humerus
3Fracture of the zygomatico-maxillary complex
1Fracture of the distal radius, fracture of compression plate
4Compression fracture of lumbar vertebra
7Acetabular fracture, posterior dislocation of the femoral head, dashboad injury
4Fracture of humerus, comminuted
4Fracture of the mandible
1Fracture of nasal bones, comminuted
3Fracture of navicular bone, rhizarthrosis
2Fracture of navicular bone
2Fracture of pyramid
5Fracture of orbital floor, teardrop sign, blowout fracture, hemosinus
1Greenstick fracture of radius and ulna, subperiosteal fracture
1Epiphyseal fracture of the posterior edge of tibia, Salter Harris II
2Fracture of the navicular bone
4Fracture of dens axis
3Fracture of navicular bone, fracture of first metacarpal bone
2Pertrochanteric fracture, comminuted
2Compression fracture, first lumbar vertebra, osteoporosis
4Compression fracture, second lumbar vertebra
6Fracture of occipital condyle
2Pseudoarthrosis of humerus, supracondylic fracture
4Pathological fracture of humerus
1Subcapital fracture of the fifth metacarpal, Boxer's fracture
7Fracture of calcaneus, comminuted
1Greenstick fracture of distal radius
1Abruption of triquetrum, transverse fracture of distal radius, abruption of unlar styloid process
11Depressive fracture of skull
7Duverney fracture, fracture of iliac wing
12Fracture of scaphoid bone, dislocation of pisiform bone, abruption of lunate
6Comminuted fracture of acetabulum and pubic bone, central dislocation of femoral head
1Fracture of lateral ankle, distal fibula, Weber B, subluxation of talus
4Compression fracture of lumbar vertebra
2Fracture of neck of humerus
1Fracture of nasal bones
2Comminuted fracture of calcaneus
5Comminuted fracture of talus
3Rib fracture
3Fracture of zygomaticomaxillary complex, ZMK
4Comminuted fracture of frontal sinus, hemosinus

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3Fracture of capitulum radii
1Fracture of collar bone, clavicle
6Fracture of scapula, shoulder blade, VRT, MIP
1Fracture of forearm bones, ulna and radius
3Hemosinus, fracture of maxillary sinus
3Comminuted fracture of facial skeleton
7Lipohemarthros, fracture of knee, depression fracture of tibial plateau
1Minus variant of ulna, intraarticular fracture of proximal phalanx of fifth finger
4RTA, pneumothorax, subcutaneous emphysema, soft tissue damage, fracture of iliac crest, rib fracture
8Intertrochanteric fracture of femur, osteosynthesis, refracture, total endoprosthesis
4Subcapital fracture of femur
1Basicervical fracture of femur
5Fracture of pelvis - iliac bone and acetabulum
14Comminuted fracture of skull base, frontal sinus, sphenoid sinus, hemosinus, pneumocephalus, contusion, subarachnoid hemorrhage
4Fracture of orbital floor, tear-drop figure, hemosinus
6Fracture of dens axis
1Compression fracture of lumbar vertebra
2Fracture of pubic bone and sacrum, SSD
1Compression fracture of lumbar vertebra
1Fracture of scaphoid bone
1Fracture of dens axis
2Fracture of tibia
1Fracture of nasal bones, comminuted
1Fracture of fibular ankle, Weber B
3Fracture of patella
1Morbus Stieda-Pellegrini, fracture of proximal fibula
2Serial rib fracture
2Trimalleolar fracture, subluxation in talocrural joint
3Subtrochanteric fracture of femur, pathologic fracture, bone metastasis
2Fracture of tibial malleolus
2Boxer's fracture
5Rib fractures after resuscitation
3Bennett's fracture
1Fracture of orbital floor
7Insufficiency fracture of sacrum
8Fracture of tarsal bones
5Fracture of pelvis, old
1Spotty porosis, fracture of distal radius
6Fracture of processus posterior tali
2Fracture of scaphoid bone, perilunar subluxation
5Fracture of capitulum humeri, VRT
6Comminuted fracture of the head of humerus
2Barton fracture
2Humerus shaft fracture, osteosynthesis sec. Hacketal
12Rib fracture, lung contusion, hematoma, pneumothorax, hydropneumothorax
1Fracture of patella, hematoma in suprapatellar recess
2Fracture of patella, hardware failure
1Pathologic fracture of pelvis
5Fracture of lumbar vertebra, comminuted, burst fracture
2Open book fracture, osteosynthesis
1Hardware failure, osteosynthesis, deformity, fracture of humerus
2Hip fracture, femoral neck, subcapital fracture, Pauwels A
4Scaphoid fracture, non-union, osteosynthesis with spongiosa
4Chondromatosis of knee joint, effusion, fracture of femur, osteosynthesis
5Fracture of thoracic vertebra, epidural hematoma of the spinal canal
3Monteggia fracture of proximal ulna and head of radius, type II
1Effusion in elbow joint, sail sign, fracture of head of radius
2Fracture of patella
6Fracture of pelvis, iliac wing, VRT
3Fracture of nasal bones
7Osteolytic metastasis of cervical spine, fracture of dens axis, C2
7Pathological fracture of humerus, VRT
13Pertrochanteric fracture, hardware migration, non-union, VRT
6Motion artifacts, fracture mimic
2Fracture of metatarsal bone, subacute fracture
2Colles fracture, pronator quadratus, fat pad sign
18Fracture of pelvis, pubic bone, subluxation of sacrum, VRT
9Meteorism, distention of colon, reflex distention, vertebrogenic pain syndrome, compression fracture of vertebra
7Open fracture of humerus, transection of brachial artery
9Atypical fracture of calcaneus, fracture
2Hip fracture, pertrochanteric fracture of femur, healed in dislocation
4Enchondroma, pathologic fracture, fracture of phalanx
2Fracture of scaphoid bone, decalcination of the fracture line
2Fracture of rib, recognized on ultrasound
4Fracture of calcaneus, atypical
1Greenstick fracture of radius
2Fracture of head of radius, fat pad sign, sail sign
5Lung opacity, chest radiograph, rib fracture, mimic of metastasis
2Non-union, fracture of ulna, shaft of distal ulna
8Thrombosis of muscular veins of the calf, fracture of the fibular ankle and plaster cast
2Fracture of the shaft of radius, secondary healing, malunion
9Osteolytic metastasis, pathological fracture of femur, osteosynthesis
5Teardrop figure, orbital floor fracture, blow-out fracture

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