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2Channel in bone after trepanobiopsy
6Hepatocellular carcinoma, bleeding after biopsy
2Pulmonary edema, before and after treatment
14Hepatocellular adenoma, bleeding after biopsy
5Hepatopathy after chemotherapy
11Malposition and migration of duodenobiliary stent
3Liver metastasis, RFA, radiofrequency ablation of metastasis, CEUS
8Gigantic defect in face after resection of carcinoma
3Aspergilloma, aspergillosis, angio-invasive aspergillosis, doubling time
2Fracture of scaphoid bone, decalcination of the fracture line
5Hematoma after renal biopsy
15Parenchymal bleeding in liver after PTC (percutaneous transhepatic cholangiography), before and after
3Hemorrhage in brain metastasis, perifocal edema, follow-up
2Pneumoperitonum after EPE, endoscopic polypectomy, complication, hemoclips
1Hardware failure, dislocation, PFN, proximal femoral nail, calcification in gluteus muscle after injection
8Peritoneal dialysis, complication, fluid collection, gigantic, after
3Periarticular ossifications after replacement of hip joint, pseudoarthrosis, false joint
2Pericardial effusion after myocardial biopsy
1Collapse of pulmonary lobe, left lower lung lobe, LLL
5Subcutaneous emphysema after operation of hernia
3Calcification of metastases in liver from the ovarian cancer with regressive changes after treatment
11Small cell lung carcinoma, SCLC, metastasis in pancreas
6Atypical pneumonia, influenza, H1N1, 10 months after
14Air bubbles in spinal canal after stentgraft placement and spinal anesthesia, spinal paraparesis

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