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4Chronic cavity and fistula after enucleation of pancreatic tumour
5Tumour of cecum, gigantic, osteolysis of lumbar vertebra
7Lung tumour, hilar lymphadenopathy
3Tumour of pancreatic head
5Tumour of thorax wall
8Lung tumour, adrenal metastasis, mediastinal lymphadenopathy
6Bullous emphysema, lung tumour
6Breast tumour
3Collapse of lung wing, central tumour
4Rectal tumour, virtual colonography
4Breast carcinoma, big
7Tumour of jejunum
6Lung tumour, tumorous infiltration of the lung wing
1Lung tumour, pleural effusion, hydropneumothorax
8Lung tumour, postirradiation changes
3Tumour of large bowel on ultrasound
5Hypervascular tumour of pancreatic head, hemangioma of vertebral body
3Renal tumour, oncocytoma
2Cystadenoma of the kidney, Perlmann's tumour
2GIST of stomach, gastrointestinal stomal tumour
7Tumour and fistula of the urinary bladder, fistula of small bowel, fistulography
9Cystic nephroma, Perlmann's tumour
14Inflammatory tumour of descending colon, CT colonography
12Neuroendocrine tumour of adrenal gland, liver metastasis, necrotic
11Carcinomatous peritonitis, mixed tumour of appendix, carcinoid and adenocarcinoma
15Cystic nephroma, Perlmann's tumour, hemangioma of liver
7Cystic tumour of pancreas, pancreatic tail, MinIP
11Renal carcinoma, Grawitz tumour
9Serous cystadenoma of pancreas, cystadenoma, cystic tumour
20Mixed adenoneuroendocrine tumour of appendix, mixed tumour, hydronephrosis, ascites
3GIST of duodenum, gastrointestinal stromal tumour
12Renal carcinoma, Grawitz tumour, trombus in inferior vena cava, tumor thrombus
5Collision tumour, adrenal adenoma, metastasis
4Collision tumour, adrenal gland, myelolipoma, metastasis
2Osteosarcoma of pelvis, bone tumour

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