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10Upside-down stomach, small bowel obstruction, ileus, retained contrast in colonic diverticula
3Tumour of large bowel on ultrasound
3Pyometra, reactive changes of small bowel
1Air in bowel wall
5Crohn's disease, small bowel obstruction, ileus
5Carcinoid of small bowel
9Convoluted bowel, CT enterography
7Unknown pathology, secondary finding, small bowel
4Diverticulum of large bowel with thickened wall
9Crohn's disease of small bowel, abdominal abscess, CT routine and CT enterography
6Constipation, large bowel obstruction, low grade
6Ischemia of large bowel
9Lymphoma of small bowel, ileum
3Layering of gas in the large bowel
7Tumour and fistula of the urinary bladder, fistula of small bowel, fistulography
5Small bowel obstruction, ileus, Crohn's disease
1Intramural gas in bowel wall on abdominal radiograph
3Foreign body in the gut, bowel
11Metastasis of tubular carcinoma of large bowel, colorectal carcinoma, hemihepatectomy
8Ileus, bowel ischemia
8Ileus, small bowel obstruction, SBO
9Retroperitoneal hematoma, active bleeding, revision, drain, edema of small bowel, fat stripe
9Bowel obstruction, carcinoma of sigmoid colon, SBO, ileus, colorectal cancer
4Enteritis, inflammation of small bowel
4Ileus, small bowel, adhesions, follow-through
16Thrombosis of superior mesenteric vein, infarsation of small bowel
8Intramural bleeding in small bowel, bowel wall, intramural hemorrhage
11Colitis, ileitis, inflammation of terminal ileum and large bowel
10Carcinoma of sigmoid colon, large bowel obstruction, ileus
17Carcinoma of transverse colon, ileus, perforation of bowel, peritonitis

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