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1Diverticular disease of the colon
2Diverticular disease of the sigmoid colon on Irriography
8Crohn's disease of colon, periproctal abscesses, enterography
3Crohn's disease of small bowel, inflammatory stenosis of the sigmoid colon
4Colon metastases in the liver, CEUS
2Post-inflammatory stenosis of the sigmoid colon
7Rectovaginal fistula, diverticular disease of the sigmoid colon
9Sigmoid carcinoma, polyp of the ascending colon
2Tumorous stenosis of the sigmoid colon
2Pneumatosis of the colon
2Ventral hernia, herniation of transverse colon
3Diverticulosis of the colon
3Extramural compresson of sigmoid colon
5Tumorous stenosis of sigmoid colon
4Blind stenosis of sigmoid colon, ileus
6Carcinoma of colon, lienal flexure, large bowel ileus, lung metastasis
3Carcinoma of sigmoid colon, barium enema
6Acute diverticulitis, peridiverticulitis, sigmoid colon
3Crohn's disease of terminal ileum and colon
2Diverticulosis of sigmoid colon
4Inflammatory stenosis of sigmoid colon, sigmoid fistula, irrigography
1Inflammatory stenosis of sigmoid colon, diverticulitis
4Megacolon, decompensated
1Chronic inflammatory changes of descendent and sigmoid colon, fatty infiltration of bowel wall
1Fistula of sigmoid colon, diverticulosis, irrigography
1Polyp of transverse colon
8Pneumomediastinum, pneumoretroperitoneum, perforation of sigmoid colon, complication of colonoscopy
6Pneumoretroperitoneum, pneumomediastinum, complication of colonoscopy
2Resection of oesophagus, colon interponat
6Bleeding in sigmoid colon, embolization
2Tumour of transverse colon
1Tumour of sigmoid colon, irrigography
1Tumorous stenosis of rectosigmoid junction, polyp of sigmoid colon, irrigography
8Diverticulitis of sigmoid colon, fistula, abscess
4Compression of sigmoid colon
6Ulcerative colitis, CT colonography
5Small pneumoperitoneum, perforation of sigmoid colon, acute diverticulitis
8Intramural bleeding into transverse colon
1Tooth in sigmoid colon

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4Rectal tumour, virtual colonography
10Abscess, cutaneous fistula, colonic fistula
10Upside-down stomach, small bowel obstruction, ileus, retained contrast in colonic diverticula
6Ulcerative colitis of left colon, enterography
7Toxic megacolon, pneumoperitoneum
5Volvulus of sigmoid colon
4Polyp of hepatic flexure, CT colonography
10Adenocarcinoma of sigmoid colon, peritoneal metastasis
2Acute diverticulitis, sigmoid colon
14Inflammatory tumour of descending colon, CT colonography
2Polyp of sigmoid colon, dimitutive polyp, sessile polyp, CT colonography
4Polyp of sigmoid colon, dimitutive polyp, sessile polyp, CT colonography, VE, VRT
3Polyp of transverse colon, barium enema
8Tumorous stenosis of rectum and sigmoid colon, duplicity, DCBE
1Volvulus of sigmoid colon, sigmoid volvulus, coffee bean sign
6Stenosis of sigmoid colon and lienal flexure, inflammatory stenosis, CT colonography
2Diverticulosis, colonic diverticulum
7Necrosis of descending colon, colostomy
3Colonic transit time, transit time, delayed
3Carcinoma of ascending colon, colorectal carcinoma
3Splenic hemangioma, liver metastases, colon carcinoma
9Meteorism, distention of colon, reflex distention, vertebrogenic pain syndrome, compression fracture of vertebra
10Flat lesion, colorectal carcinoma, sigmoid colon, CTC, CT colonography
3Polyp, diminutive lesion, ascending colon, CT colonography
29Liver metastasis of adenocarcinoma of colon, colorectal carcinoma, biopsy
12Colorectal cancer, tumorous stenosis of sigmoid colon, placement of stent
11Colorectal cancer, carcinoma of transverse colon, lymphadenopathy, liver metastases
3Colorectal cancer, carcinoma of transverse colon, extension in peritoneal cavity and abdominal wall
9Bowel obstruction, carcinoma of sigmoid colon, SBO, ileus, colorectal cancer
12Adenocarcinoma of gallbladder, fistula to colon
14Carcinoma of sigmoid colon, metastasis in liver
25Liver cirrhosis, ascites, portal colonopathy, colopathy
1Volvulus of sigmoid colon, coffee bean sign
10Carcinoma of sigmoid colon, large bowel obstruction, ileus
17Carcinoma of transverse colon, ileus, perforation of bowel, peritonitis
9Colonic transit time, delayed
3Colitis, acute colitis of the right colon, cecum and ascendens

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