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1Cholecystolithiasis with sludge
5Corpus luteum cyst
3Cyst of the thyroid gland
5Breast cyst
1Median cervical cyst
4Mutliple pseudocysts of the pancreas following acute pancreatitis
10Renal cell carcinoma, multilocular and cystic
10Tumour of the head of pancreas, dilated bile duct, biliary stent, dilated pancreatic duct, cholecystolithiasis, biliary stones
1Cholecystolithiasis, gall stones
3Splenic cysts, congenital, epithelial
1Gallbladder stones, multiple, cholecystolithiasis
4Polycystosis of kidney and liver
6Polycystosis of liver and kidney
3Urocystocutaneous fistula, fistulography
2Acute cholecystitis
1Cystoid of pancreas
2Postmalatic pseudocyst
8Pyelocystitis, narrowing of calyceal neck, tumour of rectum
1Fissural cyst of spleen
1Bone cyst of calcaneus
2Chronic cholecystitis, cholecystolithiasis
5Parapelvic cysts of kidney, Paramo's syndrome, VRT
2Pneumocystis pneumonia
2Pneumocystis pneumonia
3Acute gangrenous cholecystitis
3Lateral cervical cyst, complicated
1Cholecystolithisasis, gallstones
5Cholecystolithiasis on CT
3Emphysematous cholecystitis, pericholecystitic abscess
7Acute cholecystitis, pericholecystitic abscess
11Complicated cyst, Bosniak III
5Atypical pneumonia, pneumocystis carini
3Follicular cyst in the maxillary sinus
13Pneumocystis carinii, HRCT
1Mediastinal cyst
2Posttraumatic splenic pseudocyst
4Pneumocystic pneumonia, atypical pneumonia
5Macrocystic adenoma of pancreas
3Urocystolithiasis, stone in urinary bladder
6Tarlov cyst, calcified
5Pancreatic cysts and renal cysts in von Hippel-Lindau disease
1Medial cervical cyst
5Gallstones, cholecystolithiasis, cholecystitis, incisional hernia
2Cystadenoma of the kidney, Perlmann's tumour
8Follicular cyst, adamantinoma
9Follicular cyst
4Arachnoidal cyst
7Renal carcinoma, cystic, retroperitoneal lymphadenopathy

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9Cystic nephroma, Perlmann's tumour
5Choledocholithiasis, cholecystolithiasis, gallstones, biliary obstruction, ERCP
3Cystitis, acute cystitis
9Follicular cyst of the maxillary sinus
4Pneumocystis pneumonia, PCP, Pneumocystis carinii, HRCT
6Dentigenous cyst in maxillary sinus, VE
15Cystic nephroma, Perlmann's tumour, hemangioma of liver
7Cystic tumour of pancreas, pancreatic tail, MinIP
8Colloid cyst of the third ventricle
3Renal cyst, complicated cyst
6Gallstones, cholecystolithiasis, sludge, twinkling artifact
9Polycystic kidney, adult polycystic kidney disease, ADPKD, renal carcinoma, liver metastasis, nodal involvement
3Pericardial cyst
6Polycystosis of kidney, adult polycystic kidney disease, ADPKD, liver cysts, Tenckhoff catheter, peritoneal dialysis
8Pseudocyst of pancreas, compression of bile duct
9Porcelain gallbladder, calcification of gallbladder, cholecystolithiasis, gallstones
4Periapical cyst, radicular cyst
24Hypertrophy of bladder wall, urinary bladder, hydronephrosis, CT cystography
4Cystadenoma of ovary
3Cystitis, acute cystitis, bladder
8Acute cholecystitis on CT
7Arachnoid cyst, frontal lobe
5Cholecystostomy, acute cholecystitis
2Cyst of maxillary sinus
9Serous cystadenoma of pancreas, cystadenoma, cystic tumour
12Cyst of a spleen, splenic cyst, calcified
4Enteric cyst of duodenum
5Phlegmonous cholecystitis, cholecystitis, gallstone, cholecystolithiasis
9Pneumocystis carinii, PCP, pneumocystic pneumonia, follow-up, resolution, HRCT
2Cyst, medial cervical cyst
13Serous adenoma of pancreas, microcystic
10Pancreatic pseudocyst, pseudocyst in mesentery
4Cyst in liver, simple cyst, large
2Cervical cyst, medial, retention cyst
5Cyst of pancreas, pancreatic cyst
5Postinflammatory stenosis of hepatic duct, MRCP, cholecystectomy
4Mesentric cyst, mesothelial cyst
3Baker's cyst, rupture
1Pericardial cyst
4Pericardial cyst
4Acute cholecystitis, CT
5Atypical pneumonia, Pneumocystis pneumonia, PCP
7Baker's cyst on CT
4Branchial cleft cyst, parotid gland
11Lymphocytic interstitial pneumonia, cystic lung disease
7Bronchiectasia, cystic bronchiectasia
2Cyst of ovary, gigantic
5Parapelvic cysts, intrasinusoidal, central cysts
10Keratocyst of mandible

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