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1Alveolar lung edema
1Lung fibrosis
1Interstitial lung edema
3Interstitial edema of the lung, Kerley B lines
2Chronic lung congestion, Kerley B lines, pleural effusion, aortomitral valvular disease
1Lung congestion, supine
1Metastatic lung disease
1Metastatic disease of the lung
1Metastatic disease of the lung
1Mild lung congestion
1Lung congestion, pleural effusion
1Lung edema, pleural effusion, pneumonia
2Lung edema, before and after therapy
6Lung tumour, adjacent to the left hilum
6Lung cavity, pneumothorax, hydropneumothorax
2Small cell carcinoma of the lung
1Pleural effusion, lung tumour
3Lung tumour growing into the left atrium through a pulmonary vein
4Acute lung embolism
2Lung metastases
2Lung embolism, massive
6Idiopathic lung fibrosis
2Septic emboli, lung
3Lung carcinoma, pulmomediastinal form
6Carcinoma of colon, lienal flexure, large bowel ileus, lung metastasis
2Shock lung, ARDS
3Aspergilosis of lung, crescent sign
1Lung nodule
1Calcified lymph node in lung hilum
4Lung fibrosis, advanced
3Lung fibrosis, basal
1Interstitial lung edema
1Interstitial lung edema
2Lymphoid infiltrate in lung parenchyma
3Metastatic disease of lung, pleural metastases
4Inflammatory infiltrate of lung, pneumonia
1Lung congestion, supine chest radiograph
1Lung bilobectomy, residual cavity, lung wing not expanded
10Metastatic disease of brain, lung, liver
2Lung metastases, cavitating
4Lung fibrosis, pneumonia, pleural effusion
10Lung tuberculosis, cavern, endobronchial spread, tree-in-bud
3Lung fibrosis, severe
3Lung tumour, osteolytic metastasis of ribs
10Lung tumour, bone metastasis in pubic bone, inguinal hernia
1Lung congestion, uremic lung
1Residual cavity, lobectomy
3Metastases of lung and mediastinum
6Acute lung embolism, massive
1Metastatic disease of lung, cannon ball metastases
9Chronic lung embolism, pulmonary hypertension, webs, adherent thrombi
4Chronic lung embolism
17Hepatocellular carcinoma, thrombosis of VCI and right atrium, lung embolism
1Interstitial lung edema, smooth thickening of interlobular septa
4Amiodarone lung, toxic pneumonitis
1Consolidation of lung parenchyma
4Lung abscess
10Lung carcinoma, metastasis
9Lung congestion, interstitial edema
1Lung emphysema
2Lung fibrosis, HRCT
1Lung metastases of renal cell carcinoma
4Lung tuberculosis, caseous pneumonia, HRCT
1Lymphoma of the lung
1Lung congestion
4Kidney metastasis of lung carcinoma
1Metastatic lung disease, pleural effusion
1Lung congestion, mild

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1Postspecific nodule in lung
1Chronic lung embolism, pulmonary hypertension
6Lung embolism, subacute, lung infarct
4Calcifications in lung parenchyma, vasculitis
1Lung fibrosis, pneumothorax
3Lung contusion
1Neonatal lung, respiratory distress
5Agenesis of lung lobe
1Aspergilosis of the lung
4Carcinoid of the lung
1Lung congestion, first degree
9Aspergilosis of the lung, pericardial effusion, mediastinal lymphoma
8Lymphoma of the lung and spleen
4Lung oedema
5Lung fibrosis, alveolitis
8Postspecific changes in lung
7Lung tumour, hilar lymphadenopathy
8Lung tumour, adrenal metastasis, mediastinal lymphadenopathy
6Bullous emphysema, lung tumour
3Atelectasis of left lung wing
4Lung carcinoma, accidental finding on enterography
5Lung carcinoma, biopsy
3Collapse of lung wing, central tumour
1Lung congestion, first degree
1Lung congestion, first degree
1Lung metastases, canon ball
6Lung sarcoidosis
1Alveolar lung edema
2Clip in the lung parenchyma after resection of bulla
12Rib fracture, lung contusion, hematoma, pneumothorax, hydropneumothorax
5Panlobular emphysema, vanishing lung syndrome, bullous emphysema
1Lung emphysema
5ANCA vasculitis, lung involvement
4Atypical pneumonia, subacute stage, lung fibrosis
6Lung tumour, tumorous infiltration of the lung wing
1Lung tumour, pleural effusion, hydropneumothorax
8Lung tumour, postirradiation changes
3Lung hernia, centrilobular emphysema
6Interstitial edema of the lung
8Lung fibrosis, decompensation after lobectomy
1Lung congestion, first degree
4Fungal infection of lung, mycosis
4Alveolar lung edema, unilateral
5Lung carcinoma, carcinomatous lymphagiopathy
7CT angiogram sign, acute lung embolism, lung infarction
5Lymphoma, extension of lymphoma in lung
1Lung metastases, cannon ball metastases
9Atelectasis of right upper lobe of lung
10Lung infarction
8Sarcoidosis of lung, HRCT, hilar lymphadenopathy
6Chondrohamartoma of lingula, lung
4Lung infarction, development in time
12Lung cancer, infiltration of lung wing, metastasis in neuroforamina
4Chondrohamartoma of lung
4Hypoventilation, atelectasis of lower lung lobe
6Lung metastases, cavitated metastases, bladder carcinoma
2Cavity in the lung, cavern, TBC, tuberculosis
7Chondrohamartoma of lung, ground-glass
8Lung contusion, hemothorax, pneumothorax, chest tube
9Anomalous blood supply from systemic circulation in left lower lung lobe
5Lung opacity, chest radiograph, rib fracture, mimic of metastasis
31Pancoust tumor, extension into spine, lung cancer, pulmonary carcinoma, VRT
2Collapse of pulmonary lobe, left lower lung lobe, LLL
10Welder's lung, pulmonary siderosis
25Small cell lung carcinoma, SCLC, metastasis in pancreas
8Chondroma of lung, gigantic
11Lymphocytic interstitial pneumonia, cystic lung disease
6Septic emboli from infective endocarditis, lung and brain

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