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2Liver cirrhosis
2Liver hemangioma
4Liver hematoma
3Lipoma of the liver
1Liver metastasis, huge
5Metastatic disease of the liver, gastric carcinoma
4Colon metastases in the liver, CEUS
1Metastatic disease of the liver
4Biliary T-drain, drain into liver abscess, fistulography
6Liver hemangioma, huge, CEUS
1Liver steatosis
8Carcinoid metastatses in the liver
5Congenital liver fibrosis, portal hypertension, porto-venous shunts
9Bowel ischemia, gas in portal vein and liver
4Polycystosis of kidney and liver
6Polycystosis of liver and kidney
6Carcinoma of pancreas, gigantic, liver metastases
8Cholangiocellular carcinoma, 3-phase CT
3Liver metastasis, peritoneal carcinomatosis
10Metastatic disease of brain, lung, liver
2Liver cirrhosis
1Compensatory enlargement of left liver lobe after resection of right liver lobe
7Liver metastasis of colorectal cancer, RFA
6Liver metastasis of renal cell carcinoma, RFA
2Renal cell carcinoma, infiltration of liver
1Liver carcinoid
3Liver cirrhosis, ascites
1Liver contusion
2Liver metastases
7Liver metastases, carcinoid
4Portocaval shunt in liver, VRT
12Liver metastases of carcinoid, embolization
1Amiodarone deposition in liver parenchyma
10Burkitt's lymphoma of small bowel and liver
4Amiodarone liver
3Liver cirrhosis
8Gangrene of the liver
1Liver hemangioma
1Liver steatosis
2Liver steatosis
15Focal nodular hyperplasia, FNH
2Liver hemangioma, gigantic
3Subcapsular hematoma of the liver
7Multiple myeloma, venooclusive disease of liver, hypervascular nodules
3Dilated intrahepatic bile ducts in the left liver lobe, biliodigestive anastomosis, pneumobilia
3Liver hematoma
5Venous congestion of liver

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3Recurrence of renal cell carcinoma, hypervascular metastases in liver and retroperitoneum
4Myelolipoma of adrenal gland, liver cirrhosis, portal vein thrombosis
7Liver hematoma, hemothorax, stab wound
5Arteriovenous malformation of liver, AV malformation, CEUS
20Variceal bleeding, Segstaken tube, liver cirrhosis, portal hypertension, varices, ascites, rectal tube
1Steatofibrosis of liver
1Stab wound of liver with active bleeding, hemorrhage
26Caput medusae, liver cirrhosis, alcoholic liver cirrhosis, portal hypertension, splenomegally, VRT, MIP
12Budd-Chiari syndrome, thrombosis of hepatic veins, liver cirrhosis, TIPSS, splenomegally
10Subcapsular hematoma of liver, liver hematoma
3Liver metastasis, CEUS
8Hemangioma of liver, large
10Carcinoid of ileum and mesentery, liver metastasis, CT enterography
12Neuroendocrine tumour of adrenal gland, liver metastasis, necrotic
18Liver metastasis, RFA, radiofrequency ablation of metastasis, CEUS
15Carcinoma of esophagus, distal esophagus, placement of stent, liver metastasis
15Cystic nephroma, Perlmann's tumour, hemangioma of liver
8Metastases of malignant melanoma, liver, stomach, adrenal gland, retroperitoneal lymph nodes
6Porto-venous shunt of the liver
7Morgagni hernia with dome of the liver
3Splenic hemangioma, liver metastases, colon carcinoma
9Polycystic kidney, adult polycystic kidney disease, ADPKD, renal carcinoma, liver metastasis, nodal involvement
6Polycystosis of kidney, adult polycystic kidney disease, ADPKD, liver cysts, Tenckhoff catheter, peritoneal dialysis
29Liver metastasis of adenocarcinoma of colon, colorectal carcinoma, biopsy
11Colorectal cancer, carcinoma of transverse colon, lymphadenopathy, liver metastases
19Venous congestion, thrombosis of superior mesenteric vein, ascites, steatosis of liver
14Carcinoma of sigmoid colon, metastasis in liver
25Liver cirrhosis, ascites, portal colonopathy, colopathy
5Hematoma of liver, subcapsular hematoma
8Hemangioma of liver, cavernous hemangioma, capillary hemangioma
19Liver steatosis, geographic, focal
13Liver cirrhosis, macronodular, ascites, massive
15Parenchymal bleeding in liver after PTC (percutaneous transhepatic cholangiography), before and after
3Steatosis, fatty liver, focal sparing
8Liver metastasis, steatosis of liver, fatty liver, hepatopathy, correlation
4Cyst in liver, simple cyst, large
2Intraperitoneal hemorrhage, mimic of carcinosis, subcapsular hematoma of the liver
4Steatosis of liver, steatosis hepatis, fatty liver, parenchymal sparing
2Steatofibrosis or fibrosis of the liver
8Carcinoma of bladder, metastasis in liver and abdominal wall, necrotic metastasis
3Transient hepatic attenuation difference, liver, THAD
3Calcification of metastases in liver from the ovarian cancer with regressive changes after treatment
14Cholangiocellular carcinoma of liver, dilation of intrahepatic ducts, correlation, ERCP
9Abscess in liver, cholangoitis, maturation, second CT
10Liver abscess, large, punction, pneumothorax
11Varicose dilation of the biliary ducts in the left liver lobe, unknown origin
2Pseudolesion in liver, falciform ligament

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