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6Crohn's disease, enterovesical fistula
2Crohn's disease, periproctal fistula communicating with rectum - fistulography
2Degenerative changes of the cervical spine
5A tiny intracranial aneurysm on the branching of ICA
1Intraparenchymal calcifications in brain
3Calcifications in breast
1Median cervical cyst
3Perineal fistula, communicating with rectum
7Intracranial aneurysm of the internal carotid artery, ICA
4Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva
4Pathological fracture of humerus
2Atypical pneumonia
1Atypical pneumonia, pleural effusion
5Renal cell carcinoma, atypical
2Cortical scars of kidney
1Pneumothorax, complication of central venous line
1Myositis ossificans, soft tissue calcification
1Processus megastransversus, C7, cervical spine
1Basicervical fracture of femur
1Antireflux plastic, Nissen, slipped above the diaphraghm
2Atypical pneumonia
2Atypical pneumonia
4Hemothorax, hemopericardium
1Osseous block of cervical vertebra
8Pneumomediastinum, pneumoretroperitoneum, perforation of sigmoid colon, complication of colonoscopy
6Pneumoretroperitoneum, pneumomediastinum, complication of colonoscopy
2Calcifications in soft tissue in a dialysed patient
4Calcifications in lung parenchyma, vasculitis
2Duplication of collecting system of kidney, ureter fissus
3Atypical pneumonia
1Atypical hemangioma
1Soft tissue calcifications
3Lateral cervical cyst, complicated
9Radiological archeology
1Pericardial effusion, pleural effusion
11Complicated cyst, Bosniak III
2Congenital block of cervical vertebra
9Aspergilosis of the lung, pericardial effusion, mediastinal lymphoma
2Pericardial effusion, anemia
1Hip replacement, cervical endoprosthesis, migration
5Atypical pneumonia, pneumocystis carini
4Influenza, atypical pneumonia, HRCT
2Atypical pneumonia
6Cortical fragment from ulna
4Atypical pneumonia
10Atypical pneumonia, crazy-paving pattern and follow-up
4Atypical pneumonia, subacute stage, lung fibrosis
4Pneumocystic pneumonia, atypical pneumonia
6Hemopericardium, perforation of the right atrium
3Calcifications in uterine fibroid, myoma, CEP, cervical endoprosthesis
4H1N1, atypical pneumonia, superinfection, follow-up
3Cardiac tamponade, pericardial effusion
1Medial cervical cyst
5Calcification in basal ganglia
8H1N1, atypical pneumonia
8Loculated pleural fluid, aneurysm of left ventricle, apical and thrombosed, pneumothorax
2Pachypleuritis, apical
5Dystrophic ossification in scar, linea alba, median laparotomy, VRT
2Atypical pneumonia

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2Calcification in adrenal gland
5Calcification in patellar ligament, infrapatellar bursa
25Constrictive pericarditis, VRT
13Renal carcinoma, tumorous thrombosis of inferior vena cava, pericardial metastasis
7Osteolytic metastasis of cervical spine, fracture of dens axis, C2
7Pathological fracture of humerus, VRT
4Calcifications in spleen, miliary calcifications, tuberculosis
4Biloma, complication of biliary drainage, PTC
1Cervical rib
3Calcification in goiter, thyroid gland
1Hemangioma, atypical hemangioma
3Calcar calcanei, calcifications in plantar aponeurosis, spur
8Fluidothorax, hemothorax and pneumothorax, complication of evacuation
17Cervical rib, compression of subclavian vein, trombosis of subclavian vein
3Renal cyst, complicated cyst
2Calcifications in thyroid gland
4Cortical scar of the kidney, agenesis of cortex of kidney, gallstone
3Pericardial cyst
9Porcelain gallbladder, calcification of gallbladder, cholecystolithiasis, gallstones
4Periapical cyst, radicular cyst
9Pachypleuritis, apical, postspecific changes
2Pneumopericardium, postoperative
10Retroaortic renal vein, duplication of renal vein, VRT
9Atypical fracture of calcaneus, fracture
12Angiomyolipoma of kidney, atypical
9Diverticulitis, severe, colovesical fistula, fistula, vesicoureteral reflux
4Fracture of calcaneus, atypical
2Gastroplication, bariatric surgery of stomach
8Hemopericardium, aortic valve replacement
2Calcification in lymph nodes in axilla, malposition of endotracheal tube, interstitial pulmonary edema
3Calcification in triangular fibrocartilage complex, TFCC
7Carcionoid, pancreas, head of pancreas, calcification
2Cervical rib, megatransverse process, unilateral
7Complication of angiography, bleeding from groin, hematoma in scrotum, hemorrhage
4Myositis ossificans, ossifying tendon, adductor magnus, tuberosity of ischium
5Pericardial calcification, calcified pericarditis, pericarditis calcarea
2Cyst, medial cervical cyst
2Pneumoperitonum after EPE, endoscopic polypectomy, complication, hemoclips
3Pneumopericardium, air in pericardium
7Duplication of inferior vena cava, VCI
1Hardware failure, dislocation, PFN, proximal femoral nail, calcification in gluteus muscle after injection
2Cervical cyst, medial, retention cyst
8Peritoneal dialysis, complication, fluid collection, gigantic, after
3Periarticular ossifications after replacement of hip joint, pseudoarthrosis, false joint
3Medullary nephrocalcinosis, calcification of medulla, nephrocalcinosis
2Calcification in TFCC, triangular fibrocartilage complex
2Pericardial effusion after myocardial biopsy
1Pleuritis calcarea, calcifications, stippled
3Calcification of metastases in liver from the ovarian cancer with regressive changes after treatment
9Osteolytic metastasis, pathological fracture of femur, osteosynthesis
9Carcinosis of pericard and pleura, empyema, nephrectomy
1Pericardial cyst
4Pericardial cyst
2Cervical rib
2Atypical pneumonia, CMV
6Atypical pneumonia, influenza, H1N1, 10 months after
7Aortic dissection, Stanford A, hemopericard
5Atypical pneumonia, Pneumocystis pneumonia, PCP
2Umbilical metastasis, sister Mary Joseph syndrome
3Umbilical metastasis, Sister Mary Joseph syndrome

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